Benefits of Clayton State’s Film & Digital Media Programs

Clayton State Continuing Education Program’s state-of-the-art 10-month Film and Digital Media Program focuses on independent films, equipping students with the knowledge and resources they need to produce their first films. The program teaches students everything they need to know about pre-production, production, post-production, and ultimately, delivering their films for the public to view.  

If you’re wondering if this Clayton State Continuing Education Program division is for you, read on. We’ll go over the benefits of Clayton State Continuing Education Program’s Film and Digital Media Program, what it’s like to attend Clayton State, and how you can get started. 

Clayton State Film & Digital Media Program

Clayton State’s Film and Digital Media Programs stand out from the rest with hands-on instruction and personalized coursework. With courses of only about 12-18 students, you’ll receive individual attention from professional instructors so you can perfect your craft in a way that propels your career forward. Elective and leveled courses sometimes have as few as 5-10 students.

Students do not need any prior filmmaking experience to participate in the Film and Digital Media Program, so you can get started with filmmaking at Clayton State at any point. With students ranging from age 17-60, our classes are truly for everyone.

It’s never too late to learn a new skill, and with three different tracks to choose from – Writing, Production, and Editing – you’ll be able to pursue whichever aspects of filmmaking are most interesting to you and most applicable to your career. If you’re not sure, we understand that, too, and we’ve made it easy for you to explore: you can pick multiple tracks to diversify your skill set and determine what you enjoy most.  

Depending on their chosen track, students will complete a mixture of the following courses, along with a selection of electives:

  • Script Writing 1
  • Film Production 1
  • Film Editing 1
  • Film Workshop 
  • Script Writing 2
  • Film Production 2
  • Film Editing 2
  • Film Workshop 2

You’ll complete a mixture of lecture courses, have discussions with classmates, and complete class projects. As you work within deadlines that are realistic yet challenging, you’ll learn what it’s really like to be a filmmaker, and gain real-world experience working in the industry. Our classes are specifically formulated to mirror real practices in the filmmaking industry, making it easy for you to transition into an entry-level position once you leave with your certificates. 

No matter which tracks you pick, you’ll also learn about studio operations, script writing, camera and sound, PremierePro, accounting, and legal and insurance requirements. In other words, you won’t just learn everything you need to know to make a film; you’ll also learn how to market your films and run a business to make money from them. At Clayton State, we set up our students for success long after they exit our doors as alumni. 

After you’re done with Clayton State Continuing Education Program’s film and digital media program, you’ll have more than just certificates for each course you complete. By the time you graduate, you’ll have completed 2 short films as a director/producer and have 4 accredited films under your belt. When you apply for jobs in the field or go on to make your next independent film, having this real-world experience will make your name stand out from the rest. 

Paying For Clayton State Film & Digital Media Program

Continuing your education is a huge step, and there are lots of factors to consider at this point in your life. One question on most student filmmakers’ minds is: how can I afford this? While earning your certification may seem expensive, it doesn’t have to be. 

Earning your certifications is an investment in your future, and Clayton State is here to help and make sure you have the resources and funding you need to reach your goals. 

Through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), students in the program may be able to receive tuition discounts and direct funding. Other financial aid resources may also be available for students enrolled in Clayton State Continuing and Professional Education programs. 

If you’re considering taking the first steps before working your way up to director, we can help you get started at Clayton State in the Film and Digital Media Program today. 


For more information, please contact:

Teresa Steppe

Senior Manager