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The Film and Digital Media Center at Clayton State Continuing and Professional Education creates independent filmmakers who think outside the box. Our programs foster capability, confidence, and community, and we provide tools you need to forge your way into the film and digital media industry. 

Our affordable courses occur at a regular pace, accommodating all learners interested in continuing their education and forging a new path.

When you take courses at the Film and Digital Media Center at Clayton State, expect to:


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We have two Certificate Programs to consider - the Film and Digital Media Certificate Program and the Georgia Film Academy Certification Program. Both are outstanding and highly-regarded, offering hands-on experience that gives students a chance to learn about the film industry by getting involved.

Courses We Offer

The Film and Digital Media Center at Clayton State offers many exciting courses. These courses include, but are not limited to:

Level 1

Script Writing 1

  • Covers the basic elements of storytelling across numerous forms of media. 

Film Production 1

  • Covers the technical and craft skills it takes to create a short media project. 

Film Editing 1

  • Students will learn the work that a post-production team puts in to meet industry standards. 

Film Workshop 1

  • Students will create a short media project that combines all of their writing, production, and editing skills.

Level 2

Script Writing 2

  • Expand your knowledge of writing short media projects by exploring the needs of the story and the audience. 

Film Production 2

  • Focus on the needs of pre-production and production demands of three on-location scenes for a short media project.

Film Editing 2

  • Students learn how to use low-resolution proxies for first and second cuts before creating the final, high-resolution files.

Film Workshop 2

  • This course acts as a capstone for all tracks, and it allows students to act as independent film production companies.

In addition to these courses, we offer several Film & Digital elective courses for you to choose from!

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Why Choose CaPE?

Clayton State Continuing and Professional Education offers an experience you won’t find anywhere else. Instead of focusing on making the grade, we are centered on preparing our students for careers that they are passionate about. 

Our educators are invested in each student’s success, and every student strives to be their best at Clayton State.

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Our Continuing Education Coordinators are happy to help point you in the right direction so you get the most out of the course(s) you choose. Browse our course catalog for additional information about our courses, programs, open houses, and more!

In addition to our Level 1 and Level 2 Film and Digital Media courses, we offer several elective courses for you to choose from. Click the link below to browse, or set up an appointment with Teresa Steppe, Film and Digital Media Senior Manager, at who will assist you in getting on the right path to successful career growth.

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