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Engaged employees are more efficient, competitive, and invested in their place of work. By placing emphasis on training and development, organizations can retain the best talent, increase their current employees’ job satisfaction, improve productivity, and earn higher profits.

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Improve job performance
and satisfaction.

By investing in your team with career development initiatives, your employees will feel valued and supported. Having development programs in place will help you develop internal talent and it shows your team that you’re focused on future goals and providing them with opportunities for growth.

Are Your Employees Struggling to Perform?

Our Contract Training Program provides you with the experts, courses, and resources you need to fill your employee skills gap and improve performance. Not only that, but when your employees get the training they need to perform their jobs satisfactorily, they'll enjoy their jobs more too! So, stop stressing over methods that aren't working or lackluster training that isn't effective. Let us provide the customized training your teams need to thrive in the workplace. 

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At Clayton State, we care about employers and employees alike.

We created our diverse list of training programs in order to create a workforce that is hardworking, collaborative, and always eager to learn something new. Any of the topics below can be delivered in a Lunch ‘n Learn format for your company or organization. Please contact us about availability and a reasonable quote.

  • Executive Certificate in Management
  • Executive Certificate in Leadership
  • How to Lead with Executive Presence
  • How to Lead with Emotional Intelligence
  • How to be your Authentic Self and Be Effective
  • Women's Leadership Program
  • How to Negotiate Anything
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
  • Data Driven Decision Making
  • Understanding Your DiSC Assessment
  • Understanding you Myers Briggs Type Indicator
  • Understanding Your StrengthsFinder Assessment
  • Leveraging the results from your Emotional Intelligence Assessment
  • Understanding and leveraging Office Politics
  • How to make effective presentations
  • Customer Service Training
  • Time Management by Managing Myself
  • Building Strong Teams
  • Building Resiliency in the face of Change

"The integration of bringing Clayton State up here to help us with our Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt training courses actually has improved our ability for our employees to find creative ways to fix things and make it better."

Joshua Ohueri cyber security course completion

"Clayton County Board of Commissioners Office of Youth Service selected me for the Cyber Security course. I was excited to have the opportunity to be in the course.  However, I did not have much knowledge of Cyber Security and I really learned a lot.   Dr. Rahman was the best professor I’ve ever had in all my studies. Dr. Muhammad Rahman, Professor of Computer Information & Mathematical Sciences made it easy for me to learn it. He had a passion for the subject and a passion for educating the students. In addition, Dr. Rahman gave his time for the students to come outside of class time for help.  

The next step for me is I will be applying for jobs. Now that I have the tools and knowledge to apply for a cyber security analyst position, I feel confident I can be successful in the industry."

Joshua Ohueri

Cyber Security Course Graduate

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