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Clayton State CaPE’s New Course on Employee Relations and Conflict Resolution

Clayton State CaPE’s New Course on Employee Relations and Conflict Resolution

When working with others, conflict is inevitable. And since workplaces are comprised of employees with very different personalities, backgrounds, and experiences – conflicts will arise at some point. As such, conflict resolution is an invaluable skill at every level of a professional environment. Some individuals may have a natural predisposition to conflict resolution. Others likely…

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New Course Arriving in 2025: Performance Management and Appraisal

Interested in helping your employees improve their performance? Curious about how to provide effective and constructive feedback? Eager to help your organization improve on the individual, team, and organization-wide levels? We have an exciting new course coming in 2025 that covers all of this and more! Ideal for anyone in the management or human resources…

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3 Reasons You’ll Love Our Adobe Graphic Designer Courses

Do you have an eye for art? Do you want to design projects from start to finish? Do you want to learn how graphic design history affects current design issues? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then Clayton State Continuing and Professional Education’s Adobe Graphic Designer courses are perfect for you!…

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Contract Training Solutions to Boost Your Company’s Performance

Ongoing education and skill development is a critical component of any industry’s success, and Clayton State Continuing and Professional Education is committed to providing that education for your business. Our tailored training solutions allow companies to stay competitive in their fields and achieve their goals by strengthening the skills of their employees.

Elevate Your Team's Potential with Clayton State CaPE's Contract Training Solutions

How Do You Plan to Support Your Team This Year?

  Elevate Your Team’s Potential with Clayton State CaPE’s Contract Training Solutions   In the dynamic landscape of today’s workforce, employers, managers, and HR directors face the challenge of nurturing a skilled and motivated team. To meet this demand, Clayton State Continuing and Professional Education’s Contract Training solutions offer a strategic approach to empower your…

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3 Ways to Gain Stability in an Uncertain Economy

In today’s current economic situation, many working professionals and companies are feeling uncertainty as the job market shifts around them. People are changing careers, companies are restructuring, and we’re still feeling the effects of COVID-19 on long-distance working styles. It can be easy to feel as if your future is uncertain in the steady news…

“Meet The Instructor” Series

Meet the Instructor: Ms. Cecilia Cromartie

In the realm of medical education, few instructors possess the wealth of experience and insight quite like Ms. Cromartie, also known as Ms. Cecilia and affectionately known by some as Ms. Cece. With over two decades in internal medicine, obstetrics, and as a site lead, her journey includes diverse roles from contracting to a pivotal…

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You’re Invited to Our Spring Open House!

We’re Wondering… Are you curious about the Clayton State Continuing and Professional Education coursework? Are you enrolled in a course with us and want the chance to meet your instructor? Do you want to experience the Clayton State CaPE community firsthand? If your answer to any of these questions is “Yes,” then attend our Spring…

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How Customized Training Helps Your Team to Become Future-Ready

What does it look like to have a workforce that’s ready for the future? It looks like a team that you can trust to innovate and create. As technology advances, it’s tempting to think that the newest software update can be the key to staying on top of a changing industry, but it’s not true.…

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3 Reasons Continuous Learning Matters in Power Engineering

When it comes to a career in any of the fields of engineering, one thing is true: change is constant. A successful engineer knows that continuous learning is the key to maintaining expertise in their field and meeting the needs of their business. Here are some of the recent advancements in the field of power…