Meet the Instructor: Ms. Cecilia Cromartie

In the realm of medical education, few instructors possess the wealth of experience and insight quite like Ms. Cromartie, also known as Ms. Cecilia and affectionately known by some as Ms. Cece. With over two decades in internal medicine, obstetrics, and as a site lead, her journey includes diverse roles from contracting to a pivotal seven-year tenure at Clayton State Continuing and Professional Education.

Specializing in teaching our Clinical Medical Assistant and Phlebotomy programs, Ms. Cecilia infuses her 25 years of expertise into her courses, shaping confident and adept professionals. Her passion for empowering students is evident as she instills not just technical prowess but an invaluable trait—compassion.

When we asked, “What is it like to teach students here at Continuing and Professional Education?” Ms. Cecilia answered that it “is absolutely amazing, because [she has] the opportunity to deal with students that are professional students, traditional and non-traditional students.” Engaging with this variety of learners, Ms. Cecilia creates an environment fostering not just knowledge but the essential people skills that are crucial in the healthcare landscape. “You have to love people,” she says. “So just make sure you have compassion, lots of patience, and understanding when you come into this type of field.”

Her dedication goes beyond education, guiding students towards a career path where they are not just sought after, but empowered to choose their professional destiny. 

“First and foremost, I teach them confidence,” says Ms. Cecilia, “so they will be able to go in to the world and perform.” She goes on to explain how she understands some of the challenges her students (and many adults wanting to pursue a new skill or career) often face. “We live in a world where there’s not going to be very much training, so [our students] are ready to go. They need very little training when they get out in the world” after completing our courses.

Ms. Cecilia is excited about the opportunities available to her students in this day and age. “It’s a medical assistant’s market. You have multiple choices because they need you. They’re looking for you.” By taking our Clinical Medical Assitant courses or Phlebotomy courses, you’ll open the door to plenty of opportunities for you to form the career path you want to take. Enter a realm where knowledge meets compassion, and be equipped with the tools you need not just for a job, but for a fulfilling vocation in the medical field.

If you’d like to learn more about our healthcare programs at Clayton State CaPE, please visit our healthcare page at or contact our Healthcare Coordinator, Louise Bryant, at 678 466-5120