Film & Digital Media Mini Seminars

Film and digital media are two of the most prevalent mediums in the entertainment industry. Through such lenses, we watch the world that we know come to life. 

Clayton State is offering four new mini-seminars focused on writing, production, and post-production. For four weeks, you’ll spend four hours per week learning about the topic of your choice and being taught by experienced industry mentors. 

Keep reading to learn more about each specialized mini-seminar. 

The Voices in Your Head

What makes characters unique is more than the way they look and behave. What sets them apart on the page and brings them to life is their distinct voices – but such uniqueness is not easy to create. 

The mini-seminar “The Voices in Your Head” focuses on how writers develop distinct character voices. In a novel, the reader doesn’t have the privilege of focusing on a character’s facial expressions or body language. Instead, they rely solely on the character’s voice to get the personality clues they’re searching for. 

When writers learn how to create distinct voices for their characters, they can refine their skill – becoming more confident along the way. By writing three-dimensional characters, you can fascinate your readers, write a memorable story, and create situations that are easier for readers to imagine. 

We live in a world that you can touch and feel – and, in this class, you’ll learn how to make your written world jump off of the page as if your characters existed alongside you. 

Investigating a Situation / Investigating a Person

Audiences all over the world are enthralled by documentaries. Short subject documentaries are typically fifteen minutes or less, but they pack just as much of a punch as a full-length feature film.

The art of the documentary focuses on telling real stories that belong to real people. A quality documentarian must learn how to do this without embellishing the story and turning it fictional, but they also must master the art of storytelling in order to create a compelling, worthwhile documentary. 

Short subject documentaries can be especially tricky, as every moment matters. Every second of their runtime is used to make a difference, and the goal is to open the audience’s eyes – even bya little bit – by the time the credits roll. 

When you take the course “Investigating a Situation” or “Investigating a Person,” prepare to learn all that you can about short subject documentaries from a qualified mentor. 

Directing Comedies

Directing comedy films seems like it would be all fun and games, but it’s just as serious as directing any other genre of movie. In the course “Directing Comedies,” you’ll learn from an experienced mentor how to take your job seriously, yet create art that is lighthearted and sometimes even silly. 

In order to direct comedies, you have to know all there is to know about the genre – and be willing to learn more at any given moment. You must know how to make what’s funny on the page translate into film, which isn’t as straightforward as you may think. 

No matter if you’re directing a small indie film or a big budget blockbuster, taking this class and learning the fundamentals of directing a comedy can put you on the fast track to success. 

The Art of the Interview / The Art of Sound

Anyone who has sat down and either held an interview or answered interview questions knows that they’re much more difficult than they seem. “The Art of the Interview” focuses on getting the job done with finesse – getting to know your subject and getting the interesting answers you’re looking for without prying or being pushy – all the while creating media that people want to watch. 

“The Art of Sound” highlights the underappreciated art of sound in film. So much more goes into sound design than most people would expect, and this course dives deep into what it takes to make a film come together flawlessly – so the audience only notices positive aspects of the sound design, never negatives. 

Pictures Without Words

Movies are all about showing instead of telling. In this course, “Pictures Without Words,” learn about the purposeful action and camera placement used in order to create meaning – all without the use of dialogue. 

You’d be surprised at what sort of emotion that images alone can evoke. From joy to sadness to dread, what you see in the movies is what you get – but only in the best way, if you know how to do it right. 

Learning at Clayton State

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