How to Pick the Right Course for You

Whether you’re fresh out of college or you’ve been in the workforce for a while and you want to get back in the classroom, choosing the right courses is important. After all, you want something that’s meaningful, enjoyable, and applicable to your everyday life. 

Check out this article for a few questions to ask yourself that will narrow down the courses that work best. 

Are you a beginner, or are you leveling up?

  • Before enrolling, know where you stand with the skills you already have. There are two things that you don’t want – to sit through a beginner class and relearn everything that you already know (if a refresher course isn’t what you meant to sign up for), and you don’t want to get in over your head in an intermediate course if you don’t have the experience of a beginner. So, before you enroll, assess where you’re at and go from there. 

Are you taking a course for your own personal enjoyment, or for professional improvement?

  • The reasoning behind your enrollment plays a big part in what classes you choose, so ask yourself why you’re looking to further your education in the first place. This will help create a tighter focus regarding the classes you’re browsing.

If you’re enrolling for professional improvement, what are the requirements for the position you’re looking to acquire? 

  • Whether you’re looking to secure a job or achieve a promotion, you should know the requirements in place for doing so. Having these requirements in the back of your mind allows you to narrow down the classes – after all, at CaPE, we have quite a long list – and choose from those that are relevant to the skills you need to refine. 

What course provides an opportunity for growth? 

  • Let’s just say you’re trying to decide between two courses, and they’re both relevant to the position you’re looking to secure. Take an even closer look and decide which one presents a better opportunity for growth – both professionally and personally. What course will challenge you in a productive, meaningful way? Having the answers will help you make a decision. 

What fits your schedule?

  • Consider whether in-person or online classes suit you better; consider your work schedule, children, and other obligations before you set anything in stone. 

You Know Best

Clayton State can assist you in choosing the best classes but, in the end, you know yourself and your needs best. Take a look at the courses we have available and consider what’s right for you.