Upcoming Spring Courses – For Creatives

At Clayton State Continuing Education, we are known for our wide variety of courses – along with many other things! We believe that anyone and everyone should have the opportunity to go back to school and expand their education, dipping their toe into subjects that they’ve never before explored. 

If you’re heading back to school after being in the workforce, if you’re retired, or if you’re a student who’s not ready for their education journey to end, we have courses that will suit you. 

The courses highlighted here are geared towards the creative types. Or those who are interested in learning how to be more creative! 

Creative Spring Courses

Life is made exciting by learning new skills. Check out this list of classes and see if there’s anything that interests you:

  • Film and Digital Courses: Film and digital media are ever-present, ever-important aspects of life. Learn how to uncover and refine your skills with these courses.
  • Graphic Design: Honing your skills with Adobe and becoming certified is a great way to get your foot in the door as a graphic artist. 
  • Sewing: Sewing is an ancient art form and an invaluable skill. With some classes taking place online and some in the classroom, you’ll learn the basics of sewing from a professional. 
  • Photography: Photography is a challenging art form that takes a certain amount of precision, vision, and skill. Learn the basics in this course. 
  • Choreography: Learn how to stage a fight scene in a film or play in this class, whether or not you have a background in combat or martial arts. 

Continuing Your Creativity at Clayton State University

Choosing to continue your education provides the perfect opportunity to enroll in classes that actually capture your interest. At Clayton State CaPE, we offer a diverse range of creative courses that benefit our students in a multitude of ways. Not only will you learn new skills and meet new people, you’ll also train your brain to think in new directions and come up with unique solutions to unique problems. 

Whether you’re looking to widen your horizons with digital media or with tactile skills like sewing, Clayton State CaPE has what you’re looking for. 

Nothing is holding you back. Enroll in one (or more!) of our creative classes for the spring today and get your mind working.