Types of Events Hosted Through Our Conference Services

At Clayton State, we host all types of events, from family reunions to corporate retreats. Our conference services allow us to connect with our community and offer a space for people to come together to work or play – or both! 

Event Details

To follow are the events we’re capable of hosting. 

Corporate Retreats 

Corporate retreats provide opportunities for coworkers to escape their routines and head somewhere with a brand new outlook. With a strong wifi connection and a beautiful view of the lake, you can get exactly that at Clayton State. For corporate retreats, we allow the reservation of the ballrooms, classrooms, and conference rooms, so no matter what you have in store, you can make it happen here. 


There’s nothing better than a beautiful backdrop for a wedding ceremony, which is why we’re so proud to host weddings with a beautiful view of the lake. 

With free parking, our wedding package includes the Ballroom, the Atrium, and the Spivey Boardroom (the latter is perfect to host bridal parties!) for $1900 per day Friday through Sunday. When you rent our space for a wedding, we include an audio system and a podium with full A/V. 


Whether you’re hosting an in-person or virtual conference, there’s no better place to do it than in the conference room at Clayton State. We offer on-site catering services and free parking, making our rental space the best in the area.

It’s not difficult to ensure that your conference is attention-grabbing when you host it in the conference room at CSU. You can bring people together from around the state, around the nation, or even around the globe, to share information and achieve what you set out to do. 


When you rent out space for a workshop at Clayton State, you have the option of a combination of in-person and virtual, just in-person, or just virtual. We mold the space around your workshop requirements. 

Workshops are meant to empower, motivate, innovate, collaborate, and connect. By participating in workshops, your team can become more confident, creative, and willing to take risks. 

Seasonal Camps

There is so much to do at CSU. We want to share that with our community, which is why we provide such a great location for seasonal camps. We have the housing that campers need, along with an amazing swimming pool. 

We also have a cafeteria that doubles as a place to host events – that, combined with the fact that it can accommodate almost any food service, makes for a great gathering place. 

At Clayton State, we have both indoor and outdoor activities ready for your seasonal camp to use.

Family Reunions 

Family reunions are joyous, memorable occasions, and your family deserves a gorgeous place to reunite. At Clayton State, we offer evening and weekend rentals for your loved ones with a beautiful view that you won’t get anywhere else. 

Rooms to Rent

Here, we’ll include information about the rooms available to rent at Clayton State:

  • The Atrium
      • The Atrium fits 200 seats, theater style or 120 seats at round tables.
      • Monday-Sunday, the rate is $1200 per day, and $800 per half day (four hours).
      • Friday-Sunday, the rate is $1900 per day.
      • The Atrium comes with an audio system included for your use. 
  • The Ballrooms
      • The Ballrooms fit 200 seats, theater style or 100 seats at round tables.
      • Monday-Thursday, the rate is $1200 per day, $800 per half day.
      • On weekends, the rate is $1900 per day.
      • Your ballroom rental includes a podium with a full A/V system. 
  • Conference Room
      • Monday-Thursday, the rate is $400 per full day, $250 per half day (four hours), and $100 per hour. 
      • Your rental includes a screen and a portable projector for your use. 
  • Classrooms
    • Our classrooms that consist of one large room can fit anywhere between 25-70 people. 
      • Monday-Thursday, the rate is $450 per day, $300 per half day , and $100 per hour. 
    • If you’re renting two classrooms, you can fit 70 people per room. 
      • For these rooms, the rate is $450 per day Monday-Thursday, $300 per half day, and $300 per hour. 
    • If you’re renting four small classrooms, you can fit 30 people per room. 
      • The rate for these rooms is $350 per day, $225 per half day, and $85 per hour. 
    • If you’re renting a classroom that holds 25 people, the rate is $275 per day Monday-Sunday, $175 per half day , and $65 per hour. 
    • All classrooms include a podium with a full A/V system. 

Clayton State Conference Services

When you use our conference services, you’re sure to get a great rate – with us, you pay less than you would to rent an event space, and much less than you’d pay to rent a hotel. We also offer a clean facility, breathtaking views, and top-notch service. 

Get in touch with Clayton State to learn more about our conference services today!