Clayton State CaPE’s 5-Year Impact

At Clayton State CaPE, we aim to provide greater access to higher education opportunities in the state of Georgia. We are committed to promoting equity in learning and to making higher education more accessible for all. Our goal is to contribute to the economic development of the communities we serve.

The role of CaPE in continuing education is critical, as it helps both students and the state to prosper. In this regard, we believe that our programs can greatly improve the lives of individuals and benefit local industries. Here, we will outline how CaPE achieves these important goals.

CaPE’s Impact on Education and Economic Development

Over the past 5 years, CaPE has:

  • Enrolled over 11,000 students in on-ground courses
  • Enrolled over 1,000 students in online courses
  • Served students from 26 states
  • Hired over 142 instructors
  • Generated over $5 million dollars

Providing individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in an ever-changing job market supports economic development. This, in turn, helps to create a more skilled workforce, which is essential for the growth of the businesses and industries in Georgia.

Not only do we provide the training and support our students need to get their dream job or to level up their skills and broaden their horizons, but we also provide a thriving community and place of employment for our instructors. In hiring exceptionally skilled instructors and supporting them in their passion to pass on their knowledge, we’re further ensuring every student gains the information and certifications they need to succeed and inspiring them to achieve their goals.

Promoting Equity Through Online Learning and a Broad Selection of Courses

At Clayton State University, we believe in making higher education as accessible as possible. We are passionate about promoting equity in education. As Dr. Turner says,

“At CaPE, we are all about teaching people how to learn, as we provide and support the delivery of educational programs for all ages from childhood through senior adult.”

CaPE offers over 5,000 wide-ranging courses. Students can choose the course that best suits their needs and their goals. Our online courses bring opportunities to nontraditional students, as well. These classes make education more accessible to parents and those with busy schedules. They can learn at their own pace and on their own schedule.

Lifelong Learning and Adapting to Change

In today’s changing world, knowledge is more important than ever. Higher education is shifting and changing. The expectations from institutions of higher education are higher and more demanding.

Change in the world is constant. In life, at work, in technology, in the government, and in how we interact with one another. Higher education needs to adapt to the changing world, as well. At CaPE, we strive to meet the needs and demands of our students.

Those who continue their education usually have better financial advantages over their lifetimes. When more people are educated, the better off society is and the better off Georgia is.

Lifelong learning is good for your mental and physical health! Get started on your higher education journey today! Enroll in a class today!