Congrats to the Clayton County Board of Commissioners Cyber Security Course Graduates!

We are thrilled to extend our congratulations to the graduates of the Cyber Security course offered by the Clayton County Board of Commissioners’ Office of Youth Service. This comprehensive program has equipped participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in the ever-evolving field of cyber security. We would like to highlight one of the graduates, Joshua O., who shared his remarkable experience and expressed his gratitude towards the course and the esteemed professor, Dr. Muhammad Rahman.

Clayton County Board of Commissioners Office of Youth Service selected me for the the Cyber Security course.  I was excited to have the opportunity to be in the course.  However, I did not have much knowledge of Cyber Security and I really learned a lot.   Dr. Rahman was the best professor I’ve ever had in all my studies.  Dr. Muhammad Rahman, Professor of Computer Information & Mathematical Sciences made it easy for me to learn it.   He had a passion for the subject and passion for educating the students.  In addition, Dr. Rahman gave his time for the students to come outside of class time for help. 

Next step for me, I will be applying for jobs.  Now that I have the tools and knowledge to apply for a cyber security analyst position, I feel confident I can be successful in the industry.” 


An Empowering Learning Experience:

Under the guidance of Dr. Rahman, a distinguished professor in Computer Information & Mathematical Sciences, Joshua found himself immersed in a rich educational environment. Dr. Rahman’s exceptional teaching abilities, coupled with his genuine passion for the subject matter, created an atmosphere that fostered growth and deep learning. Furthermore, Dr. Rahman’s dedication extended beyond the classroom, as he graciously offered additional assistance to his students outside of regular class hours.

This is but a small taste of the quality of the courses and trainings provided by Clayton State Continuing and Professional Education and the passion and dedication with which our instructors and staff serve our students. Whether through our online courses, on-ground programs, or Contract Training services we are passionate about engaging life-long learners in cost-effective, accessible, and relevant coursework that addresses their personal and professional goals. We appreciate Joshua’s kind words and are thrilled that this learning experience was an empowering one as well.

Preparation for a Successful Future:

Armed with newfound knowledge and practical skills, these graduates are better equipped to start or advance in their careers. Joshua, for instance, now sets his sights on pursuing a career as a cyber security analyst. The course has provided him and all of the course graduates with the essential tools and confidence needed to navigate the industry’s challenges effectively and to thrive in the rapidly expanding field of cyber security.

We applaud the Clayton County Board of Commissioners’ Office of Youth Service for their commitment to providing invaluable educational opportunities in the field of cyber security through their partnership with Clayton State CaPE. Through their Cyber Security course, they have empowered individuals like Joshua O. to pursue rewarding careers while contributing to a safer digital world. Congratulations to all the graduates who have successfully completed the course! We have no doubt that you will make significant contributions to the field, and we wish you every success in your future endeavors.