Invest in Your Personal Growth with Personal Enrichment Courses

Personal growth is a lifelong commitment to becoming your best self. Whether it be a hobby or skill, there’s always a chance to become more well-rounded by learning and developing something new. At Clayton State University’s Continuing and Professional Education, we understand the importance of developing and evolving. Here are some courses that provide personal development opportunities:

American Sign Language 

American Sign Language is a rich and powerful language. It serves as a bridge of communication for those with limited or no hearing. ASL is a way of life for many people and requires constant learning and practice. At CaPE we offer introductory courses and advanced courses to assist students in learning how to communicate with ASL, in addition to learning about the social etiquette, history, and culture of the Deaf Community. 

watercolor class example piece

Beginner’s Watercolor 

Painting is a form of relaxation and creativity. You can say a lot in a picture that you may not be able to say in words. Watercolors can be a challenge at first but through practice and patience, it can be very rewarding. This course will teach students about different materials that can be used to create a beautiful masterpiece. It will also teach students different techniques. Start the journey to become your own Picasso by taking Beginner’s Watercolor. 

Digital Photography 

Memories and important statements can be captured with a single photo. As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. In this course, students will build confidence by using technology to produce art in the form of a photo. They will also learn how to manage photo files and print photos using a variety of sources. Begin your photo portfolio today!


The English language can be a challenging language to learn. For example, some words sound like each other but are spelled differently and mean different things. There are also words that mean something different culturally versus their popular definition. Not to mention there’s slang terminology that is technically not English, but it is used so much that it has become a staple in everyday life. By understanding and using English, students will gain confidence to be able to interact with other English users. It is a lifelong learning process due to the English language constantly changing but understanding the foundation of English is well worth it. Those who speak English as a second (or third) language can use this course to make even everyday tasks and interactions easier. 

Etsy Selling for Beginners

Want to sell items online and don’t know where to start? This course provides a foundation for selling on one of the most easily accessible and lucrative online sites, Etsy. Students will learn a plethora of things from branding to shipping and everything in between. You can create your own foothold in Etsy and establish a shop that caters to the community with unique items not found everywhere. It will also introduce the concept of entrepreneurship and innovation. 

Google vs. The Library: How to Find Your Information Challenge 

Knowledge is power. The more information you collect, the better you will know things. Most people have a smartphone with Google. We forget how powerful a search engine like Google is. You can type something you want to know in the search bar and within seconds discover all the information related to whatever you typed. 

The library is a little different. You may have to do a little more searching. In this course, students will learn how to research and use different strategies to complete research. Information is all around us and stretches across the globe, so this course is important to stay knowledgeable and aware of everything there is to know, and how to find the information you need from trustworthy sources.

african american female showing off fashion skills with dress

Introduction to Fashion Upcycling 

There is a science and an art to taking something old and turning it into something new. It requires talent, knowledge, and innovation. Fashion is a big thing in any culture. It is a representation of togetherness and creativity. In this course, students will take pre-existing clothes and turn them into something fashionable and modern. Fashion is ever-changing. Show off your talents!


Sewing is a wonderful skill to develop and use. You can make garments that are one of a kind and detailed to your liking. Whether you’re looking to mend and change garments that you already have or create a new garment from scratch, this course is perfect for beginners and those who need a refresher if it has been a while. Grab your portable sewing machine and let’s make something beautiful!


SAT/ACT Preparation

The SAT and ACT are two important academic tests that evaluate a person’s knowledge in various high school subjects. Many institutions still use these tests to determine whether they will accept a student or not. Subjects include math, science, reading, grammar, writing, and more. Tests can cause anxiety, stress, and panic. Students will discover test-taking strategies that will help them build the confidence to do their best on any test. Tests can seem daunting but with preparation comes the ability to overcome. You’ve got this!

The “D” Word: Differentiated Instructions

Everyone learns differently, so it stands to reason that everyone teaches differently. This course is designed for students to discover their own teaching style and learn how to translate it so that students from a variety of different backgrounds can learn. Think of this course as a guide to versatility course for new and current teachers. Happy learning!

Therapeutic Writing Workshop

Writing is a global form of expression. From books to articles to comments, writing brings us all together to gain understanding. Writing can also be a form of therapy. Writing out emotions allows for better understanding and allows for all emotions and thoughts to come alive on paper. Many people keep a journal or document their thoughts and feelings in some shape or form. Therapeutic writing is just one form. 

Understanding Medicare (FREE)

Healthcare is now and always will be an integral part of society. We will all need some type of healthcare coverage sometime in our lives, especially as we get older. Understanding Medicare offers students information about options in healthcare. People may get lost in medical and legal jargon, so people need to know what these words and phrases mean. Cost is always a factor and those seeking healthcare should know what they’re paying for. 

Writing for Television and Film

Writing for entertainment purposes is different than regular writing. Certain rules have to be followed to achieve success in the film and television industry. Scripts are the guidebook for shows, movies, and screenplays. Writers are storytellers, and they convey a message. 

In this course, students will explore different techniques and strategies to write effectively for the purpose of entertaining. Who knows? You might be the next great writer of this decade! 


Which Personal Enrichment Course Peaks Your Interest? Start Your Personal Growth Journey with CaPE

The courses listed in our Personal Enrichment section provide some tools for personal growth and development. It is important to have academic and professional knowledge, however, it is equally essential to have personal knowledge and skills. At CaPE, we understand this and want to help our students succeed in every aspect of life. To learn more about these courses and all they can add to your personal life, contact us today