Is Contract Training The Solution You Need for Better Results in the New Year?

As the end of the fiscal year approaches, organizations are reviewing the last year’s budgets and planning how to allocate and spend money in the upcoming year.

If your organization didn’t use all of its allocated budget this year, you may risk having a lowered budget next year. But what can you do with an unused part of your budget that contributes to the success and well-being of your organization?

We recommend you consider Contract Training, which provides the necessary skills and support your team needs to help your organization grow and thrive.

What Contract Training Can Do for Your Organization

Clayton State Continuing and Professional Education (CaPE) offers customized training programs for your organization’s team. After a free assessment and consultation, we design a training program that helps your employees increase their skills or continue ongoing learning that will help them succeed in their careers.

Your team may benefit from language and communication-based training, like Communication, English as a Second Language, or Spanish. If technical skills are in high demand, Safety Training, Computer Skills, or CPR may be helpful.

You can also design a training program that sponsors individual or team development, like Leadership Skills, Team Building, or Time Management.

Clayton State CaPE is here to help you achieve your corporate goals with highly skilled employees by giving you access to critical skills training that matches both short- and long-term learning objectives.

Supporting your employees’ ongoing learning helps promote team productivity; you give them the skills they need to complete projects and the confidence to use those skills.

Development programs in the workplace show your current employees that you are investing in them and their success, which helps your team members feel empowered and engaged in the workplace. It also encourages employee loyalty, which leads to higher employee retention and lowered employee turnover.

Contract Training also allows you to think of your organization’s future. Future leadership can be hired in, but it’s best when it’s cultivated internally, from team members who know your organization from the ground up. Training programs allow you to develop future leaders from your existing team.

Contract Training Case Study: The Orange Duffel Bag Initiative

group photo of clayton state cape instructor and orange duffle bag certified coaches

To see the impact that Contract Training can have, look no further than Clayton State CaPE’s partnership with the Orange Duffel Bag Initiative.

The Orange Duffel Bag Initiative (ODBI) is a nonprofit program that provides certified coaching, curricula, and advocacy to support students in need. ODBI-certified coaches lead programs and life-coaching courses that serve students’ needs so students leave the program equipped with educational and personal skills that will help them to succeed after graduation.

In order to help students, ODBI coaches need to be trained on how to best coach students, and that’s where Clayton State CaPE comes in. Clayton State provides training for ODBI staff and volunteers so that they can become ODBI-certified coaches.


A recent graduate of the ODBI program, Tyreke Harris, explains how his ODBI coach helped him succeed:

“During the course of the program, I was failing in all my classes. I had to figure out how to bring them back up, but I had some real good help from coach Luis. If not for his inspiration telling me how he struggled, I wouldn’t have realized how small my problems actually were in comparison.”

With his coach’s help, Tyreke got his grades up and exited the program with plans to apply to college. Watch Tyreke’s full video here.

This year, Clayton County Schools became the first school district to put a group of its own staff members through ODBI coach training. With the newly certified ODBI coaches, the school district is ready to reach even more students like Tyreke and set them on the path to achieving their goals.

As Team Orange grows, the number of ODBI-certified coaches who guide students to success will grow as well. Clayton State’s training program will continue to help those coaches empower students, and ODBI will enter 2024 ready to pursue its mission of student success.


Learn More About Contract Training Solutions Today!

Six team members having a discussion around an oval table.

Contract Training can come in a variety of formats, but the underlying purpose behind any program is the development of useful skills that improve your team’s performance and satisfaction. If your organization needs team members who lead with emotional intelligence, face change with resiliency, or communicate effectively with each other, then Contract Training can help your existing team develop those skills.


If you’re ready to learn more about how our Contract Training solutions can serve you and your team, visit our Contract Training page to look at our full list of training programs and schedule a Discovery Session.